Oh my, my, Daryl...

A loser has a first name, it D-A-R-Y-L.

A loser has a second name, it's T-O-N-Y's Bitch!

Oh Daryl, Daryl, Daryl. Where do I begin? With the "guaran-mother fucking-tee"? With the fact that not only did you lose, but you lost because your beloved Broncos got their lousy asses SPANKED like a middle-aged prostitute by an out of work high school principal on national fucking TV? By the second string quarterback and second string RB nonetheless? I'm sure your brother, and even Cthulhu enjoy the irony of that one.

For all of your clever songcraft and knowledge of internet memes, you were not able to overcome the Lardends.

SMD, Daryl, oh yes, SMD.

I'm as happy as Jeff Garcia in this picture.


Erik Loomis said...

Daryl--a man with little to say today, I think.

Lyrad Simool said...

Q:What's the difference between one game out of first and five?


I'll never eat crow...never.

Murderface said...

Where is Garcia's right hand in that picture, anyhow?

No wonder he's so happy.

Sator Arepo said...

That dude is far too thin to be Daryl.