Troubadours, VII

While my anti-Israel propaganda worked very well, I'm stepping down in offensiveness out of sheer lack of inspiration. Nonetheless, this one goes out to Tony, whose single win will not turn into a streak. I guaran-mother fucking-tee this. It's sung to the great Tammy Wynette's D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Fuck all of you. Thanks, your Commissioner.

Our football league is five years old and you've been here for two.
Last year was your first time out, your fortune was high it's true.
But B-A-D describes the R-E-D-L-A-N-D
Your greasy name describes your slide from two to last indeed

The L-A-R-D-E-N-D plays like crap today
Me in this S-O-N-G declares your loss, I'm afraid.
Your luck's run dry and it will be only J-O-Y for me
To beat up once again on the L-A-R-D-E-N-D

I know his name is pluralized but, that way, it doesn't fit.
You can S-M-D* my friends, cause I don't give a shit.
I'll spell out anything I want, cause I rule o'er this league
I'm hitting Tony's Redlands team like T-O was hit by Teague.

[repeat chorus]

*Suck My Dick (one of those acronyms from the 'tubes)


AnthonyS said...

We'll just have to see about that come Monday night, won't we?

Erik Loomis said...

Yeah, guaran-motherfucking-tee this? Nice game Daryl. Loser.

AnthonyS said...

Still up by 14 at Halftime.

Do I smell upset?

Erik Loomis said...

Daryl sucks. What a loser. Upset city!

F-U-C-K Daryl, oh yes you suck.
What a stupid piece of S-H-I-T.

Lyrad Simool said...

Well, that's a shitty song, Erik. Stick with history.

Erik Loomis said...


Stick with losing. You seem good at it.