I just want to send my kudos to Matt for not only starting Marc Bulger against Daryl this week, but actually going to the free agent wire and making the decision that Bulger was his best option.

I only want to suggest that if you really want to use a Rams QB, you might consider Jim Everett, or perhaps Norm Van Brocklin. At least they will limit your losses to zero points.


Portrait of the coach as a young man

"h. Check out this football card ofJosh McDaniels. It's from 1995, from the Big 33 high school all-star game between Pennsylvania and Ohio. It's the only card of McDaniels, obviously, seeing that he went on to play Division III football and never played in the NFL. When he got the Denver coaching job last January, the card could be had for 75 cents. On Friday, it was selling for $40 on some of the secondary markets.


Who Says Gay Marriage Isn't Mainstream?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Owners Joel & Malcolm Glazer

God Damn Wow

How 'bout them Hawkeyes!?

And jebus, guys. How about some posts or something?


Just the tonic I needed.

Just like year, again I got off to a rough start this season. And again, my first win comes against Daryl. Thanks for being my bitch.

Of course, knowing my luck, Ted Ginn will lose 5 fumbles and Ronnie Brown will run it in 6 or 7 times, the last TD coming on the last play of the game. Only I could blow a 76 point lead...

Rush Wants to Buy the Rams?!

Well, yeah, with a group of other investors.

Ooh, but, yeah, the NFL Player's Association indirectly nicely told him to fuck off in a communique' to the league.

Why a largely African-American player base wouldn't want to play for a known bigot racist asshole is beyond me!


Time Again for the Kickers We Are Trading

Ach. After some slowness in the starting, the Anschluss gears up for push.

To our attention it has come that this, this kicker, this Nicholas Volk

...he is having unseemly Communist tendencies. Perhaps we should have known from his name, ja?

There fore. Yes, we demand Lyrad must trade with us the kickers. Muss es sein.

Der Anschuss kommt endlich. Seien Sie bereit.


John Elway, Right-Wing Douchebag

This is John Elway on a counterterrorism video. It's not too late John, you can still run as a Republican for the Colorado Senate seat

Tony Romo Is My Favorite QB

In the Star-Telegram, via the SI Website

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is getting a lot of criticism for throwing consecutive passes to fourth receiver Sam Hurd against Denver standout cornerback Champ Bailey on third and fourth down to end the game in Sunday's 17-10 loss. Is is possible that Romo didn't know it was fourth down? Following the final incomplete pass to end the Cowboys hopes, a video caught on KDFW Fox-4 shows Romo seemingly telling his linemen to line back up. He then flashes three fingers to one of the game officials. After hearing the response, Romo screams and walks off field. If true, Romo apparently forgot about the spike to stop the clock on second down.


Once again....

How many times can you lose in the final minutes of the last game? I was holding on to my lead until PRivers got hit by Harrison and fumbled. Last meaningful play of the game, and just enough points to edge me out. Seriously, if I had a 100 point lead in the final game, 4th quarter, 2 minute warning, the opposing QB would throw a 99 yard TD, get the onside kick, throw another 50 yard TD, etc., until that lead dissolved.

Epic fail, part II. Great game OC Log Cabins-- I'm the Kerry Collins of the HFC now.


JaMarcus Russell

Man, Oakland sort of kind of looks like they have a Defense. Too bad JaMarcus Russell...

...couldn't find a hex wrench at an IKEA.

...couldn't find a pot dealer at Burning Man.

...couldn't find a drunk dude in the Wrigley Field bleachers.

...or add your own version! Think you've got what it takes?


That's funny, because so does JaMarcus Russell (who is 11-30 for 110 yards, 2 sacks for -8, and a lost fumble as of this writing [updated 2:52 PM]).



Daryl's Self-Portrait, Week 4

Last week we saw Daryl's fantasy about getting back at me for beating him every time we face. This week, he shows what actually happens to him when we meet.

As always, Daryl's on the bottom.