Draft now at 8:15pm Sunday August 14th

Don't you just love how the draft day and time keeps changing? I know I do.

To be clear, and a little wishy washy, Yahoo would only let me have 10:30 pm CST until tonight. It just let me have 8:15pm CST. In order to better accommodate our East Coast players, I kept checking back trying to get an earlier time for the draft. I would hate to keep folks up until 2am. Well, I wouldn't hate it so much as it would be a douchey thing to not at least try to move it.

So...time moved up to 8:15pm CST on Sunday August 14th.



Draft Date Finalized

I just want to make super duper extra double sure no one has a problem with drafting Sunday August 14th at 10:30pm.

Now is your chance to say something if you have a scheduling conflict. I wanna get this thing set in stone and not move it anymore.



I might have figured it out. I might not have figured it out. I hypothesize that yahoo closes out time slots when x number of leagues have scheduled drafts for that time period. That way it doesn't clog the yahoo works. I might be a genius. I might not be a genius. I would think that information is made public by yahoo...somewhere I have not clicked the correct button to take me there.

Tonight it let me have Sunday August 14th at 10pm. It was that or 2:30pm, which does not work schedule wise. Monday the 15th was locked up for all time periods when I looked. I have shit of my own to do Tuesday night the 16th. It has to be before the 17th to avoid a whole 'nother different scheduling conflict.

So...Sunday August 14th at 10pm is where it is set right now.

Does that work for everyone?


Awesome Ever Changing Draft Dates


More schedule conflicts! I am determined to set a date that everyone who wants to live draft will be able to live draft. This will not beat me down.

The 14th is looking not so good now. Yahoo will not let me set the draft time any later than 2:30pm. I don't know why. Maybe they expect everyone to be watching The Simpsons. Or maybe Daryl is doing his webcam show that night. I heard it's called Strip, Pickle and Poo. Pickle is the midget's name, lest you get the wrong idea.

How about Monday August 15th at 8:00?

Copy of text from e-mail...leave your comments on this post please.

Just to make sure everyone gets the message I'm using the mail system for this announcement.

Due to scheduling requests/conflicts we are likely going to have to draft on Sunday August 14th.

If you have an issue with this please go to the blog and say something. Yes, I think it is too early to draft, but the other option is drafting 2 days before the first game of the season, which in my opinion is cutting it way too close.

Balancing schedule requests with my desire to make sure everyone who wants to live draft is able to live draft has been very difficult. Thus we end up with an early draft on August 14th.


--Fantasy Football Commissioner


New Draft Date

But before that, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_P%C3%A9tomane

Best team name ever.

Anyway... Due to scheduling requests we need to move the draft up to before the 17th. Or do it on the 6th of September, but the start of the season is the 8th, and that might not be enough time to do what you gotta do to your team.

So...yeah. Thoughts on doing it on Friday night August 12th or the Sunday day/afternoon/evening August the 14th? Which is too early I think, but I want everyone who wants to live draft to be able to live draft.

And there ya go.


Sorry to have taken a short hiatus from weighing in on things. I have been on the road a lot lately. I have no further serious issues with the scoring settings as they stand for this year. I don't mind going to the franchise model as I am intrigued by the idea of being able to trade draft picks. Not into the idea of having divisions as I think it is more fun for everyone to play everyone throughout the regular season. Definitely not into the keeper league thing. The first couple of seasons I played FF was in a keeper league and it kinda sucked. And lastly, can we please please draft prior to August 25th? Sorry I did not say so a few days ago but as I said I have been on the move and I thought we were already locked in on Saturday the 20th. I will be out of the country 8/25 - 9/5 with no way to participate in the draft and I really do not want to auto-draft.

Gerald R. Ford


matter is a ho

I amend my earlier statement about Saturday, August 20th (or whatever it was) to include all Saturdays. They suck for fantasy in that I actually do shit in real life on Saturday nights. Any other night, however, I do nothing.

Rob makes a great Gerald Ford. The resemblance is striking.


Co-Commissioner Appointment

Rob has been appointed Co-Commissioner. In case something happens that precludes me from fulfilling the obligations of Commissioner...someone else has the keys.

He's my Gerald Ford, so to speak.


More With The Tweaking

I changed fumbles forced from 3 pts to 2 pts, and fumble recovery from 4 pts to 3 pts.

That should be it. I'm feeling pretty happy with where the modifiers are right now. If anyone has issues with scoring, now is the time to say something. I'll listen. I might not change anything, but I will consider what anyone has to say.

My concerns will now change to draft date and time. To recap the schedule requests I have so far...

Tony not available Aug 17th - Aug 24th. Prefers a week later than Aug 20th.

Erik prefers not Labor Day Weekend which is Fri Sept 2nd through Mon Sept 5th.

I.D Ahow Jr (Will? Or Breck? I don't know who that is.) prefers not Aug 20th at 6:30.

Daryl doesn't give a shit as long as he knows in advance.

The regular season starts September 8th.

Uhmmm...What about Sat Aug 27th at 8:30 pm CST.