I just want to send my kudos to Matt for not only starting Marc Bulger against Daryl this week, but actually going to the free agent wire and making the decision that Bulger was his best option.

I only want to suggest that if you really want to use a Rams QB, you might consider Jim Everett, or perhaps Norm Van Brocklin. At least they will limit your losses to zero points.


Sator Arepo said...

Say what you will, but he outscored his QB opponent David Gerrard by a FACTOR OF 16.

Way to take a crap on yourself, Lyrad.

Lyrad Simool said...

Whatever...my decision was sound. I wasn't going to play Matt Ryan against the NO defense; that's shooting myself in the foot and it wouldn't have mattered anyway. Plus, the Titans are terrible, at least until I need them to be terrible, at which point they're great again. This is the most hard luck season I've played thusfar. So, fuck it, whatever....