I might have figured it out. I might not have figured it out. I hypothesize that yahoo closes out time slots when x number of leagues have scheduled drafts for that time period. That way it doesn't clog the yahoo works. I might be a genius. I might not be a genius. I would think that information is made public by yahoo...somewhere I have not clicked the correct button to take me there.

Tonight it let me have Sunday August 14th at 10pm. It was that or 2:30pm, which does not work schedule wise. Monday the 15th was locked up for all time periods when I looked. I have shit of my own to do Tuesday night the 16th. It has to be before the 17th to avoid a whole 'nother different scheduling conflict.

So...Sunday August 14th at 10pm is where it is set right now.

Does that work for everyone?


Lusaka Macaques said...

good here

Murderface said...

Gah, no. Sorry to speak up at the 11th hour. Any date after the 24th will be a million times better for me.