More With The Tweaking

I changed fumbles forced from 3 pts to 2 pts, and fumble recovery from 4 pts to 3 pts.

That should be it. I'm feeling pretty happy with where the modifiers are right now. If anyone has issues with scoring, now is the time to say something. I'll listen. I might not change anything, but I will consider what anyone has to say.

My concerns will now change to draft date and time. To recap the schedule requests I have so far...

Tony not available Aug 17th - Aug 24th. Prefers a week later than Aug 20th.

Erik prefers not Labor Day Weekend which is Fri Sept 2nd through Mon Sept 5th.

I.D Ahow Jr (Will? Or Breck? I don't know who that is.) prefers not Aug 20th at 6:30.

Daryl doesn't give a shit as long as he knows in advance.

The regular season starts September 8th.

Uhmmm...What about Sat Aug 27th at 8:30 pm CST.

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Lusaka Macaques said...

I can't draft between August 25th and September 5th. I will be out of the country.