matter is a ho

I amend my earlier statement about Saturday, August 20th (or whatever it was) to include all Saturdays. They suck for fantasy in that I actually do shit in real life on Saturday nights. Any other night, however, I do nothing.

Rob makes a great Gerald Ford. The resemblance is striking.


Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

We can change it from Saturday to something else.

I would suggest Sunday the 28th, but every league (I surmise) is going to be drafting on Sunday night which may result in a clogging of the works.

I also think most of the players in the league have work/family obligations that makes weeknights less than ideal.

I am wide open for suggestions. If no one else chimes in I'm going to go with the info I have and make a final decision.

Lusaka Macaques said...

I am leaving this comment on every thread I can find here that deals wit hdraft dates/times. I can't draft between 8/25 - 9/5. I will work around any other date and time.