New Draft Date

But before that, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_P%C3%A9tomane

Best team name ever.

Anyway... Due to scheduling requests we need to move the draft up to before the 17th. Or do it on the 6th of September, but the start of the season is the 8th, and that might not be enough time to do what you gotta do to your team.

So...yeah. Thoughts on doing it on Friday night August 12th or the Sunday day/afternoon/evening August the 14th? Which is too early I think, but I want everyone who wants to live draft to be able to live draft.

And there ya go.

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Erik Loomis said...

I'd actually prefer the September 6 date but if we had to do it one of those other days, I'd go for the evening of the 14th.