Mini-Manning for Trade

Young Master Elisha looked pretty good today, fantasy-wise:

3 TDs
0 INTs
2 Sacks
20 Completions for 260 yards

= 40.50 pts.

For the right RB or WR, I'll trade him one-to-one. I'm deep at QB, because Aaron (Bob Geldof) Rodgers is fucking incredible and McNabb is healthy so far.

Yeah, yeah, I'm cocky, I'm stupid to bet on McNabb's durability, Rodgers hasn't played anybody, Eli put up those points against the Lambs, whatever. You shitbags wanna trade or not?

I'm looking in your direction, Daryl.


Sator Arepo said...

Derek Anderson can suck my horse balls.

Erik Loomis said...

Bob actually picked Derek Anderson. Funniest thing of the draft. Anderson sucks more than Bob's horse balls.

Brady Quinn by week 5.