You only heard about it here...

but Mike Vrabel is on the trading block. He's not quite the drunkard that Jared Allen is, so the Dipsos are offering him up for trade. We may be willing to package Devery Henderson for a starting RB or 1st string WR. The Dipsos will look at any RB or WR for Vrabel alone. Remember that Vrabel scores TD's sometimes in goal line situations, as well as his normal large number of tackles and passes defended. His bye week is early, week 4, so you have a DL all locked up for the rest of the season, no worries about dropping or adding players.

Inquire to: Dallas Dipsomaniac Football Club c/o Winedale Tavern, 1720 Greenville Ave., Dallas Texas or jonathangillespie@yahoo.com

The Dallas Dipsomaniacs thank you for your consideration.

Go Dipsos!

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