Handicapping the Playoffs

John Madden and I have been taking a close look at this thing, and this is how it shakes out according to our calculations:

If I beat the Dipsos this week, go on to beat the Darylettes next week, and get by the winner of the other bracket the following week, I will be the league champion.

Conversely, were I to lose any of those three games, another team is more likely to wind up as champion, and I would finish at some other ranking.

In order to achieve my goal, it looks like I am going to have to score more points than my opponent in each game. I'm probably talking out of school here a bit (fellow playoff contenders please cover your eyes), but for Bob's sake I will share some of my strategery. What I will try to do each week is field as many players as possible from my team and/or the waiver wire within the constructs of our league's roster requirements who I believe will score the most points at their respective positions. If I am more successful than my weekly opponent the odds will shift heavily in my favor. If not, my chances of success diminish significantly.

That's how Madden and I see it anyway. I could care less what happens to the rest of you.

If'n you ain't first, you're last.



Sator Arepo said...


1) Where in Vegas can I bet on your impending victory?

Oh, right; nowhere.

2) Requisite funny picture is missing.

3) I am basically just bitter. Please ignore these comments.


Murderface said...

Madden is like Aristotle.

A is always A with that guy.