Divisions and Franchises

A couple of questions because I have been perusing the features available. I was the first commissioner of this league, and it has changed A LOT.

We could have two divisions. I don't know how it would work exactly, if it is only for playoff purposes or if it determines the schedule all season long or what. I should of probably looked into that before asking this question...Do you want divisions in our league?

The other question is franchises and keepers. Apparently if we have franchises, then our league members are automatically set each year, and if someone does want to drop out, we just transfer the ownership of the team to a new person. The best thing about franchises though, is that we can TRADE NEXT YEARS DRAFT PICKS. So...if you really want Tom Brady, you can offer me Matt Hasselbeck and your next years 5th round draft pick. The other thing is being able to keep players. Suppose I draft Tom Brady this year...he would be a permanent part of my team until I cut him, even next year and the year after that. He would be one of my keepers.

Whaddya think?

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Erik Loomis said...

I don't much care for the division idea--I think we are good right now.

I'm also not huge on the trading of future assets--if someone drops out of the league, it would be hamstringing his replacement if the owner had gone in big for a current run and now had nothing.

I am however very interested in the keeper idea. Being a veteran of many keeper baseball leagues, I love it. I do think it works better if we do an auction rather than a straight draft, which in reality would probably mean a draft that goes about twice as long but is very fun. At least on ESPN there is a very good set-up for this, not sure about Yahoo, but I would think there would be.

There are lots of possibilities with keeper leagues--how many can you keep, if it is auction at what value do we keep them, how many years can you keep someone, etc. I would caution that we think about how we would want to do a keeper league carefully because it would give someone a real advantage if they could keep Drew Brees every year just because they got the #1 pick or whatever one year.

But I am very interested in the idea.