Sorta Final Tweeks

I found the time this evening to consider every category and every request while poring over the modifier adjustment setting page thing. I tried to make a final decision about every category and every stat. Please go look at it, you know how to find it. Feel free to comment in the comments if you disagree with something. Really.

Some thoughts:

There are a bunch of 'new/we haven't used them before' settings. Stuff like defensive yards allowed, and the three layers of bonuses for offensive players. I tried to use all of them I could. That would seem to fit in with what I agree is a fun bizarro scoring system. I did not use the Completion/Incompletion stats.

Notice that rushing yards are 1 pt per 10 yds. Thats heavy, admittedly. I think first downs on the ground are very valuable and want to apply weight accordingly. Bonuses are a little easier to obtain and more valuable for RB's. I want to see RB's posting similar scores to WR's.

Notice that QB's get 30 yds per point now. Thats pretty stingy, admittedly. It should bring down some of the astronomical QB scores we have seen.

Return yards are set to 15 yds. per point. I don't know what to think about this one, admittedly. It would seem to make teams at least consider starting a guy strictly for his return abilities, either in an offensive or defensive slot.

I tweaked the DEF settings a little bit here and there, because I thought some didn't make sense. Sacks got reduced and balanced with team Def settings.

A 4th down stop earns a team D 3 points.

Team D forcing a 3 and Out earns 1 point.

A tackle for a loss gets a team D 2 points.

An IDP gets 1 point for a tackle for loss.

I like the Defensive Yards Allowed stat and want to use it. I think DYA is a good stat, and a way to reward a good defense. A lot of times good defenses are the victims of their own offense, and this would seem to negate some of that effect. I also think it is a great way to punish a bad defense.

Notice that if any Def holds a team to negative yards, the bonus is 15 points. A big crazy bonus that will never happen.

Notice that if a QB throws for 500, the bonus is 5. I would be open to boosting that to 10 or 15 in the interest of making it a zany bonus that might not happen.

I reduced the D players from 3 to 2 and made them any D player. We used to have a DB/DL system that I found frustrating.

All flex positions are WR/RB/TE.

I reduced the bench by one. We now have 6 bench spots.


Erik Loomis said...

This is all pretty interesting. I wonder if there's way to mock up a game using these stats to see what this would look like in a game situation. Like one of last year's matchups. Probably not though.

Generally, I like a lot of this. I am a tad bit concerned that adding all of these defensive stats will blow up the defensive scores. There's a lot of tackles for loss in a game and if a defense gets 2 pts per, it might really get out of control.

I am in favor of raising the return yards. If there was a way to raise kick return yards while leaving punt return yards the way they are, that'd be fine. But kick return yardage can really get out of control since you have to really suck to not get at least 20 yards per return. If we went 1 point for 20 yards instead of 1 per 15, I think that'd be start.

I actually would like to see the number of individual defensive players increased rather than decreased. Or at least have 3 with one at each position--DL, LB, and DB. I like that.

Finally, I definitely agree with limiting QB scoring--but I would like to see some of that done by negative points for incompletions as well. I'd like to see QBs get punished for mistakes as much as they are rewarded for things they do right. I can't remember if we do a point for a completion, but I think that if we do, a negative 1 point for an incompletion makes sense too.

And I also like trying to even out RB and WR points better.

Now if they'd only include punting and pancake block stats, I'd be happy.

Erik Loomis said...

Also, i'd like to see fumbles count as big of a negative as a TD is positive. -2 for a lost fumble is way too low given what a game changing play that can be. -6 is much more appropriate, in my opinion.

Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

The problem with fumbles is what I call the 'innocent fumble'. A ball carrier drops the ball as being tackled, and falls on the ball recovering it automatically. -6 is too much penalty to apply. A QB drops the snap, picks it up and throws it. That, as I recall, is often recorded as a fumble, a fumble recovery and a throw.

In short, I think there are too many inconsequential fumbles that would be as heavily penalized as a fumble with consequences. Tough decision, but I will continue to consider it.

Daryl Loomis said...

I agree with basically all of this, with a few suggestions.

Agreed about your innocent fumble issue, so I think we should eliminate the fumble stat entirely, while keeping the fumble lost. Up both fumble lost and fumble recovered to -4 and +4 respectively to compensate, and that's fair to me.

The team defenses seem a little overpowered the way they sit, so I suggest 12pts for 0 allowed and 9 for 1-6 allowed. Up 35+ to -10, because that's ruinous for a defense and should be stiffly penalized. For team return yards, which are historically extremely high totals, I think we should up to total to 20 or 25 per point. I really like the 3 tiered bonus for this, as well as the 3 and out points.

Finally, since we've eliminated the bench slot, which I agree with, I think we should add back in the 3rd IDP slot and return them to dedicated positions. Forcing a DB, LB, and DL rewards savvy play and keeps people from just taking the middle linebackers and DBs who play every down.

Did you eliminate the pass attempts and incompletion fractions? I really like those.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with what you have here.

Erik Loomis said...

I agree with Daryl's proposals about the fumble. The innocent fumble shouldn't matter. The lost fumble should matter more. I also agree with 3 D players, one DL, one LB, and one DB.