More tweeks

I changed some of the team D and IDP stats again. Go look.


Lusaka Macaques said...

I am pretty good with the way it looks now. I still think that sacks should be the same for Team DEF and IDP's, but not that big a deal. I echo Erik's question about whether recreating a past game or a mock game with the new scoring system is possible. That would tell us a lot. QB's have taken a hit, which maybe needed to happen, and WR's are fine, and the defensive changes are interesting and worth playing with this year to see how it works. My only concern is that even mediocre RB's may now be scoring monsters, which would put us out of whack in the other direction. All in all though, nice tweaks Jon.

Hon. I. D. Ahow Jr. said...

Thanks for putting in the time, Jon. Whatever you guys decide is good for me, but can we move the draft to a week later (or to a Sunday)? Earlier time maybe? Anything than what it is now.

Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

I really don't think there is any way to run a mock game. If you guys find something somewhere, go for it.

While RB's may be more monster like this year, QB's and WR's are already at that level. The whole idea is to bring some balance to the game. RB's have been woefully undervalued in this league in past years.

We can, and I intend to, keep on tweaking little bits here and there, especially the IDP and Team D stats.