I need a single place to record all the requests/opinions of the managers. This is it.

Erik: I was going to suggest dump Yahoo for ESPN because it has punting as a category which I think would be awesome for our baroque points system......Anyway, short of adding the punters or some other obscure way of scoring, I mostly like how we have it, especially the negative pts on QBs. I would definitely be open to limiting WR blowup points, as you all have said.

Daryl: I am in favor of reducing PPR by a fraction, but not limiting it altogether, nor reducing the overall complication of the league, which is what makes our league so much fun.

Breck: I am frightened by change the way a big, dumb dog is frightened by thunder, and I like the way our current system spreads points around. On the other hand, I hate it when all those points bukkake on one team that has multiple flavor-of-the-week receivers, though. It can be a very feast-or-famine scoring scheme, but I don't think putting more weight on the RBs would alleviate that aspect of it.

Rob: I like that we are a PPR league that is less RB-centric than most others. I would hate to lose that aspect of the thing. AND: I like the scoring as is, but you fascists all seem to hate my freedom as embodied by huge point totals. So yes, I am good with a fractional PPR reduction. Also, I think the INT penalty for the poor QB's is a bit severe, but it isn't a big sticking point for me if you all love it. And I vote to stay with Yahoo.

Will: Have to agree with Rob that this league's bizarro scoring is what makes it fun and different than most other leagues.

Jacob: Jacob said...Lose a bench spot. Too much bench restricts waiver wire play.

I'm okay with the flex mods. I kind of liked the increased number of Defensive players, but I'm really not married to it -- more like a fun little tsotchke.

That's all I got, but it's in one place. See anything on here you agree with or disagree with? Say something in the comments and let us know.


Gibraltar Boys said...

I have just finished going over the scoring changes with a fine-toothed comb. I like a lot of them, dislike a few, and have one further suggested change.

I like the expanded Flex positions to include TE's, the dropped DEF player, Jacob's suggestion to lose a bench spot, completions lowered to .75 for QB's, new rushing and passing bonuses, -6 for a pick 6, INT penalty reduced to -4, eliminating the penalty for 50+ yd FG misses (I was going to suggest that myself), DEF TD now 6pts for team D and individual DEF player (was 8 for team and 6 for player), DEF shutout now 15pts instead of 18, 3pts for 4th down stop, 2 pts for tackle for a loss, .5 for 3 and out, and I am good with changing rushing yards to 10 per pt instead of 15.

I would like to also suggest that a sack should be worth 3pts for team D just as it is for IDP's. Currently team D only gets 1pt for a sack.

I strongly disagree with giving any points for rushing attempts. Getting handed the ball should not be worth points. If we are dropping the yds per pt for RB's already, I think that is enough of an increase to increase their value. Again, really really feel strongly about this. I also don't agree with giving .25 per pass attempt and -.5 for an incompletion, which really means a net -.25 for an incompletion. Sometimes throwing the ball away is the smart play. It should not be penalized. Lastly, I am not crazy about adding yards allowed as a defensive stat, positive or negative. A lot of times I think it is a meaningless number. But I don't feel as strongly about that as I do my other concerns. If everyone else likes it I will shut up about it.

Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

Duly noted.

Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

Notice that there is a -2 penalty to the QB for getting sacked. Sometimes its the smart play to take the sack, just as sometimes its the smart play to throw it away. It is always the better play to make a completion, rather than finding yourself in a situation where you take an incompletion or being sacked. Better play making QB's should be rewarded, poorer play making QB's should be penalized.

But I'll think about it.

Erik Loomis said...

The -2 for a sack is why I wish there were offensive line stats in the Yahoo set-up, so we could take it off them and not the QB.