Hey Losers

Well, well, well. This is a nice sewing circle you girls have established here. Your little pictures and such are cute. Just wanted to take a moment to thank the Redlands Lard Ends for lubing me up this week so I can slide into the Hershey Highwaymen next week for the regular season finale. In other news, the Theismann Femur Club will lose both games and wonder how the first round bye slipped away when it seemed such a sure thing.

Here I come, Pussies. Please start getting my crown ready.

Thanks for the invite.

PS - Kyle Orton is sooo cool with his chin-cthulu! I wish he was my mom!



Sator Arepo said...

Finally showed up, eh? That's precious.

Erik Loomis said...

I had heard that you were boycotting the blog because your pussy hurt. Finally pulled the fishhooks out I see.