Troubadours XII

Well, cocksuckers, looks like Rob got off the Sybian long enough to sign up for a goddamn blog. What does he want, a fucking cupie doll? Well here you go, buddy, it's in my pocket and you can fish it out anytime you like. This one is sung to "I Fall to Pieces," written by Harlan Howard and Hank Cochrane, and sung by Patsy Cline. It goes out to the Dipsos, St. Kurt and his buddy Jesus...fuck you all, I rule this league.

Kurt loves his Jesus
Wants that beard in his lap
Kurt loves his Jesus
But now Kurt has the holy clap

It burns when he pees; there’s blood in his pants
It was worth the pain, Christ drove him insane
That Rusty Trombone; handjobs clouded his brain
From then on, Kurt loved his Jesus

Kurt loves his Jesus
His wife introduced them first
Kurt loves his Jesus
But she’s left with an unquenched thirst

They go to the show; Jesus buys some corn.
Says, “Hey Kurt, want a snack?” then his chair leans back.
“The best stuff’s way down deep” and his cock gets jacked.
Christ’s eyes roll and Kurt loves his Jesus.

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Brisbane Scofflaws said...

Dearest Daryl,
I've got your cupie doll on a string around my neck. Thanks for the Sybian education. Proud to say I did not know what that was. Sick fucker. Enough of you. Concerning the slightly more reputable Loomis' suggestion for a meeting of the Tx. Consortium Members, I second the idea. Weekend of December 13/14 is good for me. Flexible as to venue.

See you chumps in the playoffs.