Playoff Update

The Jacksonville @ Houston is gonna be super important! Two shitty teams deciding who gets in the fantasy playoffs! Awesome!

Lets see...

The three teams still fighting for the last playoff spot are the Queens, Wendigos and Whiteness. The Dipsos have won their game, there are no players on Monday in their match, and are guaranteed a spot. (Update: The Dipsos have DeMeco Ryans (Hou), but it doesn't matter)

Troubadors versus Whiteness:

Whiteness is down by 7.38 points and still has Maurice Jones Drew (Jax) left to play (Rich Eisen calls him 'Pocket Hercules'). Thats not an unreasonable amount to expect. This also would likely knock the Troubadors out of first place. More on that later.

Wendigos versus Queens:

Wendigos are down by 13.63 and still have Andre Johnson (Hou), Owen Daniels (Hou) and Kevin Walter (Hou), which is also not an unreasonable amount to overcome. 3 players divided by 13.63 points is 4.55 points each. Thats roughly 2 catches with a few yards.

IF the Whiteness win and the Queens lose, the Queens are out of the playoffs based on record. IF the Queens win and Whiteness lose, Queens are in based on record. IF both the Whiteness and Queens lose, the Queens are in based on points. (MJD ain't gonna score in the vicinity of 200 fantasy points, which is what it would require for Whiteness to overcome the deficit.) IF both the Queens and Whiteness win, they are both in and Wendigos are out.

So...The Whiteness have to win their game, and hope for a Queens loss. The Queens need only to win and they get in, if they lose, they need Whiteness to lose also. The Wendigos are guaranteed a spot if they win, if they lose, they need Whiteness to lose also.

Theismann versus Lard Ends: Lards are out and Theismann is in playoffs wise, but if the Troubadors lose versus the Whiteness, and Theismann wins versus Lard Ends, then Theismann takes over first place in the league. The Lard Ends have Steve Slaton (Hou) and need 20.6 points from him. Its a lot, but its not out of the question.

I think I got that right. Hit the comments with anything I may have missed..

Go Dipsos!

Update: Stats were adjusted overnight, and the scores have shifted a bit, but the logic remains the same.


AnthonyS said...

Fuck me.

For whom to root in the playoffs?

Ah, next year.

PS Fuck Kurt Warner.

Erik Loomis said...

Stats were indeed adjusted, giving me the lead over Daryl. A result we can all be happy with.

Tony--root for anyone but Daryl. I think this is always a good choice.

Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

Stats have been shifty today and overnight, somehow Whiteness took the lead over Troubadors, and I think it happened this afternoon.

I'm gonna wait until tomorrow and the final standings are published before doing any more analysis...