Obligitory Cthulhu Image of the Week...Early

Now with more skulls!


Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

Since when is Cthulu the devil in a fairy costume?

Sator Arepo said...

Didn't you notice the tentacles?

Dead giveaway.

Satan is clearly a Christian myth propagated by those that seek to cover up the Elder Gods.

Murderface said...

Those aren't tentacles, it's stylized smoke. This was a rejected cover illustration for "Danzig II - Lucifuge"

Sator Arepo said...

No, dude, *below*. Clearly tentacles.

Also, obviously Google image search would never steer me wrong...right?

Murderface said...

I'm talking about *below*. Maybe I should have said stylized dry ice fog.

Either way, this one kinda blows, you gotta admit.

Sator Arepo said...

Yeah, kinda does. Not my favorite.