Playoff Scenarios

I've been looking at the standings and thinking about playoff scenarios, tell me if I miss something here, I probably will...

We have a 4 way tie for 4th place, with 4 teams at 6-6. One of these teams will not make the playoffs. Only 6 teams make the playoffs.

3rd) Brisbane Scofflaws w/ 2223.77
4th) Querque Queens w/ 2152.68
5th) Dallas Dipsomaniacs w/ 2025.92
6th) West Indian Wendigos w/ 2023.68
7th) Discursive Whiteness w/ 2011.68
8th) Redlands Lard Ends w/ 1872.78

The Queens and the Wendigos play each other this week. It is possible that the loser of this game does not make the playoffs, but notice that Whiteness plays Troubadors...If the Whiteness lose, and the Wendigos lose, then the team with the scoring advantage makes the playoffs. The same is true for the Dipsos, who play Azathoth. Notice the 14 point difference between 5th and 7th. A 6-7 team will get in to the playoffs and it is possible that another 6-7 team will not.

So here's the deal. Of these teams vying for the final playoff spot....you must win your game to make the playoffs, and you if you lose, you must score a lot of points and hope for low point scoring losses from the other contenders.

Here's a realistic scenario: The Troubadors beat Whiteness, the Dipsos beat Azathoth...The loser of the Queens vs Wendigos must have more points than the Whiteness to get in the playoffs. The Queens have a scoring advantage over Whiteness...There are a number of different possible outcomes, and crazy shit happens...

Notice that the Scofflaws are not guaranteed a playoff spot, there are scenarios where they lose while scoring almost no points, and other teams win and score lots of points. But the Scofflaws play the Highwaymen, so never mind.

The Lard Ends are also not entirely out of it, but they need to win their game and score +300 points in doing so, combined with losses from both the Dipsos and Whiteness who would both have to score almost no points. Lard Ends play Theismann this week. Never mind that one too...

I think I got that right...Hit the comments box with anything I may have missed or miscalculated.


Go Dipsos!


Erik Loomis said...

The one thing you missed is the idea that I might lose to Daryl. I beat his pussy ass once this year and I'll do it again. He might be able to take you all out but he gets nervous when his big brother comes to town.

So nervous in fact that he wishes he was back in his Bronco jammies with the footsies.

Sator Arepo said...

JJ, your new nickname is Walrus Cock?


Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

I would never, ever, ever allow Elway to touch any part of me, and especially not with his horse mouth, lips or whatever else he sucks with.

Why would anyone think that?

Murderface said...

Whoo-hoo parity!