Fantasy Football Rulzzzz!!1!!!

Here are Rob's suggestions/rebuttals to the Dipso's suggestions:

I am fine w/ the Dipso's proposed offensive & defensive rule changes. I am also fine w/ the way it is now

I heartily disagree w/ the suggestion to start utilizing waivers. Part of the gamesmanship of this league is being able to react quickly to players showing up on the free agent market. We are all busy, so the advantage goes to whomever makes the time to check frequently. You have to invest time in the league to be successful. I have been on both ends of the equation - I have certainly lost out on my fair share of sleepers because I snoozed. I think the way it is now is both fun and fair.

I also like the bench size the way it is. I like choices. Don't feel as strongly about this issue though. If the decision is to shrink I will deal.

And, once again, I will make my pitch to increase the point value for safeties. 2pts for clearly the coolest play in football? C'mon! The Barbara Eden ref signal alone is worth a couple of points. Also goes to JJ's point about beefing up defensive scoring. A safety should net your team D (and/or IDP if it can work that way)at least 5 if not 7 points. I'm just sayin' is all.

I most strongly agree about the waiver wire. I've played with both and I certainly like the no-wire experience better. All I'll add against it is the waiver wire allows people who don't pay any attention to little known players to hawk a team's shrewd move.

I'm always for increasing the value of defenses and IDPs, so great. And the safety deal is cool with me, too. We've always tried to have points coincide with those on the field, but it doesn't matter to me at this point.

I also like Jon's suggestions of increasing bonus points, but we have to make their occurrence more rare. I am against shrinking the benches; I'm a man who likes options and it certainly does not keep me from making roster moves.

I'm happy with everything else...except there's still no word from Chumley. WTF!!!!1111!!!


Erik Loomis said...

Why is Rob such a pussy with the blog?

Erik Loomis said...

Also, I agree with not shrinking the benches and with expanding the points for a safety. Keeping the points on the field the same as in the league doesn't make much sense to me--when you have teams scoring 200 plus points a game, it makes actual scoring far less important than getting a lot of yards. I think a safety should be worth something like 10 points.