I'm friends with Marty B and you're not...

And I can prove it. He's twittered me once and re-tweeted me once. It was awesome. I had to have cigarettes afterwards.

First, I sent him a link to an article in The Dallas Morning News that was complimentary of him.

MartyBTVRT @jongillespie: @MartyBTV DMN actually said some nice things about the Cowboys... http://bit.ly/CpGPO

Then tonight, he was on the team plane and twittering, He didn't know if they had landed in Oakland or Sna Fran. I noticed Marcus Dixon had been tweeting too, so I sent Marty (I call him that) a tweet:

@MartyBTV You in Oakland! RT@marcusdixon92 Getting ready to land in Oakland. Ready to take care of business. God Bless

(btw, Marcus is always blessing people)

And he sent this in return...

MartyBTV@jongillespie that fool don't know shit lol

So there you have it, Marty B and Jonny G are TIGHT!


AnthonyS said...

Okay, that is pretty damn cool. I'm even wearing my Cowboys shirt tonight.

Sator Arepo said...

You...have a Cowboys shirt?

AnthonyS said...

Yeah, I do. I got it at Ross for $3.
It's just another way to piss off the insufferable Chargers fans around here.

Erik Loomis said...

I don't care how insufferable Chargers fans are, Cowboys fans are far, far worse.