Lyrad, The Kickers We Are Back Trading?

Herr Lyrad,

Wir sind zufällig Swapping Die Kickers, ja?

Dies ist nicht akzeptabel natürlich auch für unser exzellentes Team. Bitte um Handel ihn zurück. Ich bin dieser Verdacht Mason Crosby zu haben ... dekadenten Elemente, wie Sie es sagen, ja?

[Mr. Lyrad,

We accident swapping the kickers, right?

This is not acceptable, of course, for our excellent team. Request for trading him back. I have this suspicion Mason Crosby to ... decadent elements, as you say it, yes?]

Your team I believe to be made mostly of the girl players.


AnthonyS said...

Wait up there Nszi Cowboy. In your German section, you use the work "Swapping". Verboten! Just because freetranslation.com can't translate it doesn't mean you can just throw English words willy-nilly (surely, the Anschluss of all people would understand the impurity this creates).

I think the work you are looking for (though I could be wrong off the top of my and it's late I don't want to look it up) is "tauschen".

Sator Arepo said...

Ah, yes. My English is, how you are saying, not always...entirely without occasional incremental errors in idiomatic usage. Yes?

(Besides, Google Translator does hilariously funny things playing telephone (as it were) into and out of languages and back again.

Way to bring us all down, Captain Dork, jeez. 'Sposed to be Phantische Foosball, after all.

That said: you totally busted me.)

Lyrad Simool said...

Well, I can't believe what happened after practice the other day. I walk into the locker room, y'know, just to check on everybody's showers. Wouldn't you know it, John Kasay's standing there trying to teach all my rookies a few "games" he knows. I see this and I'm looking at him like a hound dog passing a peach pit. He looks back at me, smiles, shakes himself in my direction and says, "Seniority, Coach, I don't know what to tell ya," and turned right back around to LeSean.

You're goddamn right I want my old kicker back. If anybody's molesting the rookies, by God it better be me.