Suggestions for scoring changes

Regarding Individual Defense Players:
I want to give the defense a little more ooomph. Our offense scoring is rather high octane. but I feel the defense has not kept up, having 2 point sacks and 3 point interceptions. A pass defended is 1.5 points but a solo tackle is 1 point. That seems backward to me.

My suggestion is 4 point sacks, 4 point interceptions and 1 point pass defended. Solo tackles should be 1.5 or 2 points, while leaving assists at .5 points.

Regarding Team Defense/Special Teams:
I would suggest bumping sacks up to 1.5 or 2, while leaving interceptions and fumble recoveries at 3. Touchdowns are currently worth 8 points, which was likely my suggestion back in the day...I dunno I guess 8 works, but if a TD is 8 a safety outta be at least 4. I think allowing 21-27 points outta be negative 1.

Regarding Kickers:
Looks good to me...

Regarding Offense:
My only suggestion would be to alter the bonus points. Throwing for 350 yards is an accomplishment, but it is only rewarded with 2 points. I'd rather see something like 300 yards being worth 3 points. The other bonus stats seem okay to me...sorta.

Regarding Bench Size:
It seems kinda big to me. Remember that a smaller bench forces players to make moves and do more adding and dropping and trading. Which brings me to waivers...

I want to use waivers this year. Not using waivers benefits players who can monitor thr league and snipe good players that may be released...And I also think waivers are generally more fair to use...

What do other teams think? We need your input...

---Dallas Dipsomaniacs


Sator Arepo said...

I understand wanting to emphasize defense more, but the game just isn't built for it. A sack is really, really not worth as much as a long field goal (4 pts).

Dallas Dipsomaniacs said...

A sack does have value. Sure a long or really long field goal is a very valuable play in a real game, and should be reflected as such in scoring for a fantasy system. A sack is a very very valuable play in a real game as well. Of course no points get put on the scoreboard, but that's what a defense does. Prevents the other team from scoring. How does a defense keep score? In turnovers and sacks and safeties.

Lombardi was an advocate of 'matriculating the ball down the field'. It is still true today. Why are RB's the most valued fantasy players? They matriculate the ball down the field. A sack is the exact of opposite of such a strategy. It is a loss of yards combined with a loss of down. The defense wins that play.

When an offense wins an individual play, they get awarded points. Either points for yardage or a completion or reception or even a TD. When a defense wins a play, they get almost no points. No yardage, no completions, and rare is the TD. Points are awarded for a tackle or a pass defended or a fumble recovery, sure, but they are meager.

Keep in mind that my arguments are directed toward IDP's more than team defense.

And remember, defense wins championships.

Lyrad Simool said...

Seconded for the Dipsos. Up the D's