@VeryFakeAlDavis is just about the funniest shit on the internets. Whomever it is writing the tweets makes me laugh out loud at a silent computer screen.


Here's a few examples:

Watching practice, Cable is a genius. University of Idaho has to be wondering how they let this guy slip away...

That Sam Waterston is really going after Plaxico...

Shark Week was better when it was just a radio show.

Rahm Emmanuel just swore at me for 5 straight minutes. I told him to pipe down and put President Van Buren on the phone.

@BernardGoldberg Also, you two need to discuss liberal media's bias against people who build machines to control the weather.

Goodell just said playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right, which is what my dad used to say about fingers

Last time I was at Comic Con everyone got polio.

Regrets? Well, losing Napoleon Kaufman to God was a tough one. I thought our offer was competitive...

I don't understand what the big deal is--I refer to myself as a "wise latina" six, seven times a day.

When I saw that coup in Honduras all I could think was: Tegucigalpa Raiders

I feel for Romo--this is just like the time I broke off my affair with Mary Todd Lincoln.

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AnthonyS said...

Wow, a use of Twitter I can finally get behind!